Thursday, 20 December 2007

To all Customers

Ok...still more problems with phone companies!! Don't you just love them!!

If anyone works for Telstra & actually DOES know what they are doing can they leave a message as I've given up after spending countless hours (whilst on holidays) trying to retrieve my mobile phone messages from my phone that's in getting fixed!! (Called the shop 3 times, called their customer service 4 times...all different conflicting responses & STILL no messages retrieved). Not to mention the hours on my email accounts (iprimus) that never work properly!!. Oh...& my replacement phone also has someone elses contacts, photos, videos.......How does that happen?

I wont even bother asking for help with Primus as I'm leaving them due to all my email problems, missing home phone messages.....sigh.....

How do people run businesses when using these companies??????? I've lost so much business because of these 2 phone companies it's ridiculous!!!!!!!

So if anyone has problems contacting me please try again!