Saturday, 20 October 2007

Cow Cupcakes (almost finished)

Cow & flower cupcakes for a 1 year old!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute! They look just like the ones on the cover of the Maizie Parish cake decorating book!

kylie said...

Thanks anonymous :)
I designed these from a cartoon pic which was so cute I couldn't resist!

I must have a look at Maizie Parishes cows....what's the book called?

Anonymous said...

here is a link

The book is called Marzipan Magic, Animal modelling made easy.

I like how you added the flowers to yours! really cute!

kylie said...

Thanks I'll have a will be funny if they are similar.....cheers!

kylie said...

Wow...they are similar......then again I suppose there's not many ways to do a cow! (Unless done badly LOL)
The heads are almost the same.....though if you're doing a caricature of a cow there aren't really many ways to do them.......