Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hello Kitty Cake

3 layered Orange vanilla cake with buttercream & covered in sugarpaste.......

Hand made floral decorations & edible Hello Kitty.


Artamuse said...

Love this cake! I saw it on flikr! I find it so fresh!

All Things Lovely said...

Just gorgeous!! I know a friend who would love this cake.

Anonymous said...

yet more infringing on the original and copyrighted design of another company (sanrio, in case you are too lame to know where hello kitty is from). why am i not suprised that you have to approve of comments first? lol so you can make sure and keep the truth out and let your lies constantly light the way so people can prostrate themselves at your feet, ooooh kylie, these are gorgeous! ooooh kylie, you are so amazing! ooooh kylie, you are the goddess of cupcakes! not only can you bake your own cakes, wow, an amazing feat right there lol, but you can decorate, too, wow, no one else has that talent, oh my gosh, just YOU! go take more 'rushed' photos of cakes and cupcakes that you 'didn't have time to do a good job on' so that your followers can kiss your fat ass.

hahaha i don't even care you're not going to let this one get posted as long as i get to say what i wanted to say to you, you fat cow.

keep eating the leftover batter, sweetheart.

Kylie said...

Hmmm...I wonder who this is from.....just letting people see a little sample of the bullying I have had to put up with for awhile now. I'm moderating comments & deleting them all but thought I'd leave this one to show how lovely some of these cupcake women out there are!

Anonymous said...

Kylie has had to put up with these jealous women for a long time now. We all know it's pure jealousy & Kylie has done so much to help so many budding cake & cupcake decorators out there. She has always been willing to help answer my questions, & is a guenuinly nice person.
I think it's stupid that this keeps happening & they know she hasn't lied about anything, because she hasn't. They can't even tell us what she has lied about can they! They are jealous that they have no hope of making cakes as beutiful as Kylies, it's that simple!

Cuisinette said...

"so that your followers can kiss your fat ass."
Heck, for those cuppies, I would all day long.

Anonymous, I really don't care what made your soul so black... for I believe you are a poor excuse of a human being.

I took the time to reply to you (I should not pay attention to you at all).
I vaguely know who Kylie is, we never spoke, but I have eyes and I can judge for myself... yes dear, too bad this bothers you so, but she is very talented.

Your only talent so far is having a big mouth. Inconsiderate with regard to others subjected to your rampant jealousy.
And you are a coward too, writing under "anonymous".

You are pathetic. Get a life.

Amanda said...

I find the comment funny, as it shows just how envious this person is of Kylie! She must be really jealous to go to the trouble to write that comment. She probably has a cupcake business with horrible cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

There are some sick people on the net. A shame all the loonies you get on here, Kylie just ignore them as someone like this obviously has NO life, & NO talent!

And from the photo I saw on the flickr group I'm on, you aint fat! You're gorgeous!

I'll post as anonymous for fear of attracting this nutcase to me!

Bec said...

To post comments such as this on flickr is one thing, but to attack you on your personal blog is another. For those of you who don't know Kylie, she doesn't hide under 'anonymous' like these cowardly people do. I'm glad you left that comment up Kylie, so people can get an idea of just how jealous and horrible some of these people are. Just keep creating your incredible work and ignoring them. Maybe one day they'll weary of writing their nonsense.

kylie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kylie lambert said...

kylie said...
I find it really sad that this cupcake business keeps harrassing me along with others. She doesn't even know me. She has no reason to dislike me. .....has never seen me. So I don't know how she knows if I am "fat". Yes I have put weight on due to an underactive thyroid condition. AND It's only temporary ....I think there's alot worse to worry about in the world than your weight.
I also find it sad that others join in with her, & are gullible enough to believe what they hear.
It's a shame it takes a couple of businesses to do so much damage to the cake industry. They are new businesses, so to any other new cake business, please don't resort to the horrible behaviour that these women have. Have pride in your industry!

Andrea said...

Ignore them Kylie, they are jealous!!!!! How silly to act so childish these women!

landa said...

I'm sorry that you constantly have to go through this, Kylie. People need to grow up and be mature but alas you still get a few idiots in the bunch.

Bless you for being so classy about it instead of stooping to that level.


Catherine Lewin said...

Kylie welcomed me into her home a couple of years ago when I visited Sydney and I was thrilled to view her work and grateful for her time. I am an amateur cupcake decorator located in New Zealand, but do not post pics as yes I often unashamedly copy from all you talented bloggers (thank you), and bake and decorate mostly to give away to friends and family. I am astounded and disgusted by whoever has the temerity to criticise such a talented and innovative artist.
Kylie ‘go girl’… keep baking and decorating and ignore this small-minded person. Of course, perhaps it is this anonymous notoriety that gives them their kicks – and perhaps it is that they are unable to produce at the high level you do.

I am sorry to learn there are such trashy cupcake people out there. Hopefully it will just spur you on to do better.

All the best

kylie lambert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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