Monday, 30 March 2009

Sydney Day out! (At Planet Cake)

Planet Cake is probably Australia's best cake place, creating & designing the most beautiful & amazing cakes....many for celebrities! So when Naomi, a flickr cake friend ( organised for a few of us to meet up in Sydney when Chris (another flickr friend) was visiting from England.....we decided to go on a cake/cupcake crawl!
Only a couple of us could make it for the day meet so I surprised Chris (actually I accidently forgot to tell her) & took them to Planet Cake for a visit.
Paris is a wonderful person...& her crew are lovely of course! So this I think was the highlight of Chris & Naomi's day.....
Back: Chris & me
Front: Paris & naomi


Rosie said...

I Just visited your website and thought it was beautiful....You all do a wonderful job

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I couldn't go to Planet Cake, by the simple reason I love to eat cakes and my weight will change drastically, but I have to admit I envy you very much.
Nice blog by the way.

nickyjb said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!, especially Chris visiting from our little country! Kylie, I hope that if I ever fly over to Australia that I would get the same amazing treatment!! LOL!!!!

Beautiful blog!