Monday, 11 January 2010

We are closed

Apologies as we are closed for the next couple of weeks or so......will let people know when we will be back. Leave a message as the phone may be out of range....thank you x


Caitlin said...

OMG, I just came across your site and you are amazing! Wish you were in the states :) Are you also an amatuer photographer? I am a photog. here in Texas, USA, and noticed how nice your images are. It makes a huge difference in presentation. Anyway, one more fan--keep up the beautiful artistry!

Kylie (Le Cupcake) said...

Hi Caitlin, sorry I only just saw your comment. Thanks HEAPS for the compliments :D Especially coming from a photographer!!!!I sometimes get time to take a proper photo....most of the time don't!Even then I should have used the tripod for this one to make it clearer (it's abit soft blown up)...but I was rushed.But... I looove photography & almost did that professionally instead..but at the time digital was taking over & the courses were ignoring it. I would still love to do a proper course though as I love it & wish I could take my camera everywhere!