Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A call to all cake businesses......

We are making an attempt to stamp out negative bullying behaviour by a very small number of please remember to play it nice. Concentrate on your business rather than trying to discredit other businesses. It makes our industry look bad when such behaviour occurs. So please don't engage in such behaviour, & if you have concerns with another business deal with them in person, or by phone or email, NOT on public internet sites or cake forums. It doesn't look good for the industry.


Shawna said...

Rock on Sista - You go!

Ps. your cupcakes & cakes are simply fabby! ;)

Vanessa said...

I completely agree. I have just moved back to Australia from Oregon, and am starting my Cake business in Newcastle. I love your work, and have different ideas of my own. I think that too many over here, and everywhere, copy work of others to a fault, don't focus on their work, and put down others.
I for one love your work, but don't aim to do your work. It's fine to create your own niche and not comment on others work, especially to degrade it.

kylie lambert said...

Thanks Shawna & Ness........Ness good luck with the business & contact me anytime!

It's a shame so many people are so willing to join in with it all, & it's a shame to see the lies & rubbish that are spread around. What I find the saddest is how easily people believe things they are told by people they don't even know, people they have only met on the net.....& it's quite horrifying the lengths some people will go to, to discredit other people &/or businesses.
It's scary what these people are capable of........& sad they are in the cake world!!