Friday, 29 August 2008


Just informing customers that I have a display room, & do not have a shop front. The reasons for this are many.
I cannot decorate the cakes I do as well as front a shop. I supply custom one of a kind quality cakes, not mass produced, not cakes from mixes, I don't buy them, they are all baked by myself, & decorated by myself, so that unfortunately leaves no time to front a shop.
As most people know, alot of people in the cake industry don't have shop fronts due to similar reasons, & to the high costs involved. In my local area they are charging $1600 rent per week for some shops. Add to that the renovating costs (& the fact they may make you leave after the lease is up) the electicity, gas, water, etc etc....It's extremely expensive. Then, unless you are willing to pay thousands per week to be in a Westfield shopping centre, you wont get the passing trade as they do. So, having a shop is not viable for my business, & would also detract from the time needed to make my cakes. If you think it is unprofessional not going to a shop to conduct your business, then please keep these things in mind. You will find few that provide the highly decorated cupcakes as I do, for the same reasons I have outlined.

I'm making this post for customers who do not realise this. I do however have a display room in which I meet clients. At the moment this is unoperational & I apologise for this. I am again remodelling due to an upcoming event.
So I apologise for the inconveniece & hopefully it will be up & running shortly.
Thank you.


Brianna said...

That really is a lot of work that goes into fronting a shoppe of your own, Kylie, some people just take it for granted that it takes real hard work and skill (and time!).

Arizona Girl said...

The lady who did my wedding cake didn't have her own shop front either (Mesa, Arizona). She use to- but do to all the things you mentioned had to close it. The high costs just were not worth it. In the end she has teamed up with a local deli, as her display shop. It is amazing to think of all the costs that go into such a place, and the rest of us never even think about it. Your cakes are beautiful.